Photolemur: Image Editing Program with A Free Version

For years, photography has been receiving more recognition and is available to everyone. This is a fact that has increased, in addition with the emergence of new technologies that allow you to take your pictures from the ease and comfort of a smartphone.

What Is Photolemur?

It is a photo editing tool that helps to improve a photo by deploying artificial intelligence and advanced algorithms. These features make it preferred by many to have their photographs organized in folders by different themes, in addition to using it for improvements and tweaks.

In addition, its interface is simple and highly intuitive. This photo editing software is full of possibilities. Photolemur is the best option for you if you don’t like monkeying around with photos just to get the perfect shot. Visit to know more.

What Can Be Done with Photolemur?

Its primary function is to correct or improve photos taken with a digital camera or mobile phone. To do this, it has tools that will make the result a success. These tools help to differentiate it positively from other similar software, such as:

  • Adjust size: Possibility of resizing the photographs proportionally.
  • Change of brightness and color. Improvement of dark or overexposed photographs of light.
  • Backlight Correction Ideal for photographs taken with this feature.
  • Different mosaic modes. Create a texture to choose on the image or one of its parts. For example, pixelated or blurred.
  • Add text to images, overlaid, or sideways. It gives the possibility to create postcards or include text inside balloons or boxes.
  • Draw and brush effect on the image.
  • Red-eye removal: Effective tool that meets everyone’s expectations with excellent results.
  • Clone area: A very useful function to highlight a detail, for example, or create a double effect on a part of the image.
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