SEO, PPC, and other TLAS

You come across many TLAs (three-letter abbreviations) upon entering the online world. Each of these TLAs has a role to play in driving a business’s growth. Search engine optimization or SEO and pay-per-click advertising or PPC are two such TLAs that help a business gain traction in the virtual world and propel it towards success. 

Success in the online world comes with visibility. As a website gains visibility, it attracts visitors, and these visitors contribute towards a business’s growth. 

There are multiple ways through which your website can become visible in the virtual world. But SEO and PPC are the most common paths of action for most marketers. 

With website optimization, the inclusion of the “right” keywords, and other best practices, SEO online marketing techniques help search engines relate a website to the searcher’s query, trust it to be safe and valuable for the users, and rank it for relevant searches. However, SEO requires continuous efforts and patience before it yields profitable results.

PPC ads campaign, on the other hand, offers a shorter way to the top. Once you have set up a PPC campaign, search engines will rank your website for the relevant keywords by showing it as an ad. And unlike conventional ads, the payment for a PPC ad is based on a CPC (cost-per-click) system, and you pay for each click that your website gets.

To ensure that search engines rank a website for interested visitors, online marketers employ another tactic which is Keyword Analysis or KWA. KWA helps marketers assess the most used phrases searchers use in your niche and shape your online marketing strategy around these phrases to ensure that your website ranks to attract valuable visitors. 

Understanding the TLAs of online marketing is critical for succeeding in this competitive arena. 

Landau Consulting, an online marketing company in NJ, helps develop and implement successful SEO online marketing strategy and has created this infographic to help you understand the concept of SEO, PPC, and other common TLAs of online marketing

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