How to Conquer Roblox Addiction?

Have you been addicted to Roblox games? Are you so much into them that you are not able to do anything else, but play them all throughout the day? Have you finally realized about your addiction for these games and now you want to come out of the same? Are you ready to do anything for the sake of conquering your addiction for Roblox games?

Then you have landed on the right page! We are here to tell you various ways to conquer your Roblox [โรบอก, which is the term in Thai]addiction, without having to quit the game completely. Here are some of the best tips you can use:

  • Try to play one game at a time and not jump from one to another. Most of the people are addicted to Roblox games because they know there are backup games, or too many options, for them to choose any one from. There is nothing more satisfactory and addicting than having a lot of options. You can choose any game you want to play just when you are bored of one of them. Therefore, try to stick to just one game and play it for a long time, until you are completely bored.
  • Set time limits! Play Roblox games for about three hours a day and take a break for three hours. If you crave to play for some more time, play it for three hours more and then take a break for three hours again and try to stay away from your computer or cellphone, wherever the games of Roblox are waiting for you.
  • Get into the real social life, instead of spending hours chatting with people on Roblox games. We know this is the main feature that attracts most of the players towards Roblox, but when you have a real social life, you don’t need games to count upon.
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