What are the Best Bigcommerce Page Builder Tools?

5 Best BigCommerce Page Builder Tools | The Digital Merchant

These days we no longer need the added expense of hiring a web developer if you are thinking about customising your online shop. If you are already connected to BigCommerce there are a variety of page building options specially designed so that the beginners amongst us can create powerful, attractive pages. The interfaces of these use a drag and drop system to provide a smooth operation. With this, site updates and market integrations are to be considered as simple, basic work. 

With a page builder, you can throw a solid, attractive, eCommerce store together in a very short space of time. A page builder often provides you with a well-polished, themed, template that can be designed exactly how you want it to match your personal store. Very helpfully, changes can be simply previewed so that you can see your page in a couple of different views, maybe standard or responsive, instantly allowing you to publish any changes.

How powerful is a Bigcommerce page builder and are they really as beneficial to my BigCommerce site? The advantages are quite obvious when considering basic business sense. Allowing your business to stand out, offering a professional look, instantly making the customer trust your product because first impressions are key to attracting potential sales. 

This BigCommerce page builder tools overview will explain a few of the best tools available.

  1. BigCommerce Page Builder

The built in customiser works smoothly with eCommerce platforms. There are a wide choice of coloring and text size. Using the drag and drop interface, you can change the number of products that you want featured on the main page and many more things. You can create a page with full visual features like images, banners and videos. Many things to make your store stand out against the rest. 

  1. Shogun

The 5-star rated Shogun is used for the customization of your page. It could be used on any page of your store, perhaps (amongst others) your homepage, promo page, contact or blog, this drag and drop tool is extremely user friendly and makes customising a breeze. Adding videos and images has never been easier.

  1. Instapage

Instapage offers heatmaps, data analytics and much more. It also has more than 200 templates with the drag and drop widget. It can offer to save you a lot of time to, as from just one account you can run multiple websites. PDF lead magnets can be hosted which will allow for a comfortable running of your site. There are over 30 million Bigstock images available for purchase, collaboration tools, Google AMP support and PPC campaign integrations.

  1. Unbounce 

Unbounce provides all kinds of customisation features, from basic to advanced. A text replacement tool that will replace keywords for a landing-page dependent on the search request. Maximise conversions with exit intent and overlay CTA strategy.

  1. Leadpages

There are over 150 well designed mobile-friendly templates on with Leadpages that will save you a lot of time. You can create as many pages as you wish without learning code. Also, there are 300 extra pages available for an extra fee, that may be worth the investment to increase your chances of looking like a one-of-a-kind business. There are no extra charges for additional traffic and leads. Access more than 1000 applications through Zapier, as well as over 40 integrations.

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