Why Your Small Business Needs a Mobile App

A mobile app isn’t just for large businesses generating millions of dollars in sales every month. Small businesses can benefit from them too. We thought we would take the time to share a few of the reasons why.


This is one of the main reasons we recommended that small businesses invest in a mobile app.

If you think about it, all those app stores are currently dominated by some of the biggest players in the industry. Most small businesses are not on there yet. If you get an app, then you will be standing proud with those big businesses. You will be making your company seem large. You are giving off the impression that you are trustworthy. You are demonstrating that you have invested in your company. Customers and clients absolutely love this. You will be surprised at how much your brand is strengthened by simply having a mobile app.

Don’t forget; your app will always be on the screen of the person who downloaded it, and this will always remind them that you exist. This means that when they need something that you offer, you will be the first on their mind.

In addition to this, your app will appear in searches relevant to your business in app stores. This means that your company logo is going to be out there for people to see. They may not download your app, but they will have your company name imprinted into their mind, and this could lead to future sales. Sales you wouldn’t have gained if you didn’t have an app

Easy way to engage with your customers

As a business, you should already be using social media to engage with your customers. However, the problem is that your social media posts will often get lost in the mix. Push notifications from apps do not. Send promotional messages directly to your customer’s phone. They are virtually impossible to ignore. Although, of course, don’t go ‘overboard’ with them. They will get annoying if you are sending multiple times per day.

Expand your business

You should see a mobile app as a new marketing tool. As with all marketing tools, it will allow you to reach potential customers and clients who you may have been otherwise unable to reach through other channels. It may even help you to reach people on the other side of the world. This will translate to more business for your company. More business for your company means more money to expand.

New avenue for making sales

Even if your website is ‘mobile ready’, it can still be pretty tricky to navigate for some people. Your app will be built explicitly for mobile devices, which means you can take into account smaller screens a bit easier. People will love this. People tend to browse apps on their mobile devices more easily than websites, and this may lead to even more sales for your company.

Dependent on how you build your app, you may be able to allow it to offer more information than your website. Better product descriptions and images, for example.

Our Quality mobile app development service here at Core Mobile App isn’t as expensive as you may think. In fact, most small businesses can afford a simple app. It can always be expanded upon over time as the sales start to roll in. Contact us if you want to find out more.

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