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what kinds

What kind of or what kinds of?

"What Kind Of" And "What Kinds Of"? The grammar book I have says that both of the two phrases, or "what kind of" and "what kinds of," are acceptable in the case where countable nouns are followed by them. In daily conversation, however, which do you prefer to use, between "what kind of " and "what kinds of"?

What is the plural of type of things?

What kinds of things, plural [referring either to types or to things of those types]. How do you use type of things? This kind of thing or that kind of thing is made plural with the phrases these kinds of things or those kinds of things, but the singular versions are much more commonly used.

What's the difference between the things and the type?

-- The things are baseball, football, boxing; the type is sports. What kinds of things are you talking about? -- Many things and many kinds (sports, love, the weather) What kind of thing are you talking about?

What are “kinds”?

What Are “Kinds” in Genesis? Often, people are confused into thinking that a “species” is a “kind.” But this isn’t necessarily so. “Zonkeys, Ligers, and Wholphins, Oh My!” Although not exactly the same mantra that the travelers in the classic Wizard of Oz repeat, these names represent real life animals just the same.

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