Warning Signs for a Troubled Marriage

Marriages are one of the most beautiful things in one’s life. We all have dreams about our perfect marriage, about the day the world is below us. While we all want our marriages to last happily ever after, there are often symptoms of unhealthy marriages that need to be identified as soon as possible so that you still get a chance to work things out. 

Dirty Fights

Keep a check to see if both of you are indulging in silly fights and stupid arguments that could have been resolved in some other way. Name-calling, digging up the past, abusing each other, verbally or physically, are signs that the relationship is turning toxic. Avoiding conversing with each other and not willing to come back home to each other are again signs you might consider to work upon. Belittling the person you love just for the sake of winning an argument also shows the lack of trust and respect for each other. 

Jealousy and Narcissism

Instances of healthy competitions slowly fade away. You don’t ask for help from each other as all that exists is belittling each other and dirt throwing. The confidence dies down, and you feel ashamed, uncomfortable, and scratchy around each other. Both of you also start thinking about yourself before each other or the relationship. The extreme state of narcissism comes up where you take up against each other and consider your partner a competition. It becomes unhealthy; you feel like an outsider and neglected. There is no “family” left, but individuals living together, barely able to keep tolerating each other. Ego keeps growing, and you can’t think of anything else but how to stay away to stay calm. The mutuality breaks, literally. 

Extra-Marital Affairs

Extra-Marital Affairs are the worst things that can happen to a marriage. Cheating on your partner is a criminal offense legally, and inhumane acts personally. No amount of reasons can justify someone’s act of cheating on their partners. It becomes a nightmare for the partners to come across something like this. Cheating these days is even more common and easy with the onset of social media, and once the trust is broken, there is nothing that can’t happen. If you are ever skeptical and think that your partner might have been cheating on you, try this https://bestcellphonetrackerapps.com/how-to-catch-a-cheating-spouse-on-kik/ to know how to check his/her internet activity. 

Lack of Communication

We all know how communication is critical. With an increase in arguments and mistrust creeps in communication barriers. Romantic gestures become a far cry, even the bare minimum conversations involving queries of well being become rare. There is the existence of a weird, uncomfortable silence whenever you two are under the same roof, you also run out of topics to talk about, and everything becomes difficult to process and adjust with. 

Relationships are not easy calculations. They are messed up theories eased by people in love. The outside world and the inside soul often impacts relationships so badly that they become beyond repairable. You should always fight to keep your marriage alive, but once the point of saturation is reached, it is better to accept the truth and move on. 

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