The Horseshoe Mustaches With Beards- Steps And Grooming Tips

click here Mustaches and Beards exemplifies a genuine masculine look to the man. Some men continues to style on variant techniques or patterns of mustaches along with beards. So if you are still bewildered on styling mustache style, here is the palimpsest which quick fixes suggestions and guidance for the key style of men.

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Propelling towards the core topic about Horseshoe Mustache style which is the categorical sign of masculinity. This style is most probably adapted by bikers which is often referred as bikers mustache. Horseshoe mustache style is a type in which the moustache is grown on the side parts of the lips that gives a true masculine look to men. These whiskers which are allowed to grow around the lips are sometimes referred as “pipes”.

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Steps to trim and shape Horseshoe Mustache Style: 

  • Use the trimmer which is able to make a precise cut as required in horseshoe mustache style. The perfect style needs trimmer size of 3-5 mm. Keep the whiskers long as much suits your face.
  • Make a straight line from outer side of the lips up to the chin.
  • Prepare a thin precise line and make a shape of horseshoe mustache.
  • Now use the mini foil shaver to make a shape and space between two columns on both side of chin.
  • Clean shave the chin, cheeks and neck part using a rotary shaver gently.

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horseshoe mustache image

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