The Handlebar Moustache Style To Try For Men

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Why it is named as Handlebar Mustache style? Its appearance is same like the handle of bike or bicycle. There are many variations in the handlebar mustache styling. The smaller the face the more petit mustache style is added for unique look. The style depends on what kind or type of natural growth do you have of your facial hairs. 

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The handlebar mustache style takes much time to get in the its real shape. Minimum time for the perfect handlebar style is of 3-4 months. Till that you need to make your facial hairs i.e mustache grow naturally and give the shape by comb and trimmer. At initial stage you will feel like of having the style similar to Charlie Chaplin mustache trend.

I think your eyes must be searching for the manly look mustache style. So now I have certainly set some venerable Mustache Style at its apex. Thus in this article I have tried to put forward some classic handlebar mustaches and petit mustache style guidance. 

handlebar mustache style image

Steps to grow Handlebar mustache:

Step 1:

Don’t Trim your mustache though it may be giving an enticing look.


Step 2:

Comb your mustache when it is grown long. Make a partition on left and right side below the nose. Use a wooden comb for better styling.


Step 3:

After shower use the mustache wax to keep into its position as required for the style. Use the comb after applying wax on the edges of mustache and combing it to downwards slope into left and right side. Apply the wax as per your requirements on the apex and maintain the style.


Step 4:

To add offbeats to your mustache, curl your mustache ends by applying some wax. Use the thumb and index finger to make a curls on ends. Twist the edge and tighten it to make curls.


Step 5:

Maintain your handlebar mustache by washing, combing and waxing it, so that the shape and style is to be maintained.


step 5

This was the brief information for handlebar mustache or say as pitet mustache. Follow these easy steps for handlebar mustache and get the distinct alluring look.

Now go through these images to make a perfect style for your face and get high-fives from your friends and around you peoples. Get positive praises for your new style of mustache.

handlebar image

handlebar mustache image

handlebar mustache style

handlebar style mustache

handlebar style



petit handlebar

pitet handlebar


This was all about the handlebar and pitet mustache style. I hope the steps which I have tried to bring all together have made your time worth reading. Try this mustache style and get attractive, charming look. Thus become the center of attention for all around. 



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