Steps to Help Your Small Business Choose the Right Server

Choosing a dedicated server for small and recently started businesses can be tricky and complicated. There are many types of servers, hard drives, and processers that you must choose from. 

A server is a remote computer in data storage, used to host a variety of services such as file sharing, cloud storage, hosting service, email hosting, back-up, and storing different types of documents. 

A small business server is able to perform all of these tasks. These servers are provided by companies such as THC Servers. They are a hosting company that provides hosting services such as VPN hosting through bitcoins, cheap dedicated server 1gbps bandwidth, reseller hosting, etc. They aim to provide cheap and dedicated services that they constantly improve.

Steps on choosing a small business server

  • Step 1 – Research: You must research the specifications of the server based on the applications that you plan on running. 
  • You can research by yourself by making a list of the applications you want to run and how many users each application can handle. You can look for advice and other resources on the internet.
  • Book an expert consultation: You can list applications that you want to run on the server. You can get consultations for free on the internet. 
  • Step 2 – Locate the best small business server location: You can set up the server in two main locations:
  • Setting up a server that will stay in your office 
  • Hosting a server using the cloud 
  • Step 3 – Calculate your budget: A small business has limited resources. So, you must find a server that is cheap but also reliable. 
  • Step 4 – Select the type of server: You can choose which kind of server you want from two main types – Hybrid or Dedicated, according to your need preference.
  • Step 5 – Choose a server and get started: After you determine your needs, budget, and type, you can select a server that suits you the best. If you decide on a physical server, you should purchase hard drives and RAM, but if you choose one hosted in a data center, you can visit a hosting company’s website. 


The above-mentioned steps will guide you through the process of choosing the perfect server for your business. Make sure you choose a reliable one, to keep your data safe.

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