Seize Employee Time Theft with WorkExaminer!

There are few things that may reduce productivity and also corporates may lose out on big money when it comes to workplace theft.   It has been noticed that a number of workplace malpractices are done by employees that would lead to a lot of time theft. We know for a fact that time is money and time theft is a money leaking activity for sure.

Get to know about WE Controlio software that gives an idea to the employer about practices that are going on within the organization with regards to time theft by employers, whether they are whiling away their time by visiting social media websites, taking breaks more than necessary and so on.

Employees steal time many a time and this means that employers will be paying for those services that they could not get, thanks to the time stealing by employees.  Many times employees time theft goes unnoticed.  There are systems in place to vet that employees may not necessarily be honest when it comes to filling out the timesheets.  Many types of time theft are just so subtle that there are chances that they would be overlooked. Employees may not necessarily spend five minutes for break and return to their desk. Some of them spend loads of time on the phone with family members and managers who are not experienced may overlook it.

It is possible to curb employee time theft by following some simple steps.

Setting up a workers meeting where an important goal could be to educate your employees.  Make workers aware of how the time theft will affect the economics of the company. Many workers may not even be aware that time theft is a crime and so make sure you educate them on the same. Define specifically what is the definition of time theft and take disciplinary measures so that if anyone defaults, they will have to pay a heavy price for the same. Know more here:

The right time management software and employee tracking software will provide a complete detail and employers just have to pay the employees for the working hours. This will save a great deal of money and the employee will be compelled to jot down the hours they have invested in working.  Remote Desk software aids in identifying time theft and enables the business to prosper in the right fashion. With the pandemic taking a great toll on businesses, many companies find it really beneficial to invest in these software. Find more info here

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