Pro and cons of industrial revolution:

If you compare good and bad or pros and cons of industrial revolution then the weightage of good will be more. Because industrial revolution turned the tables completely and made human life much better. We use different machines in almost every work of our life. So it would not be wrong to say that, it’s difficult to survive without machines. And it’s a fact through industrial revolution more occupations, wages and many other facilities are enjoyed by every individual. New inventions has now made life easier for every individual and made world more advanced. Long time back people use to do every single work with their own hands which take a lot of time from cropping the field to harvesting. Better quality of product and food is being provided to every individual, as farmers are using new technologies to make the crop healthy. Traditional handmade burger is much more expensive and time consuming then now. It cut off almost half of the food prices that is allowing everyone to have healthy food without spending much money.

What is mean by smart manufacturing?

Smart manufacturing cannot be implemented on production process directly but it is a combination of different technologies and solutions which results in making the manufacturing smarter. Smart manufacturing deals with analyzing data which tells you how to use where to use and when to use. One of the biggest challenge of smart manufacturing in smart factories is security of the data.

Role of iiot in smart manufacturing:

In smart factories iiot plays an important role, which means bring telecommunication network that is internet to the workplace.  In smart factories every device and equipment is connect with some particular network. Huge amount of data is communicated on daily basis on these networks and further analyzed so that no error will be left behind. Thus we can say iiot play an important part in smart manufacturing.

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