[15] Classic And Captivating Moustache Styles For Men To Try

No shave in November which is also said as Movember. Its an annual event in the month of November for the awareness of various cancers for example prostate cancer. This was the knowledge for exhibiting the significance towards the http://readingandspelling.com/?p=2 Moustache Style.


Moving towards the http://thorburnchiropractic.com/tag/computer-eyestrain-relief/ style trend of moustache. Its an style which proportionate the face style. Mustache style is not just for the awareness of cancer in November month  but its an growing style among the guys. Keep in mind its not that difficult to maintain and shape your mustache. Hereby I have tried to assemble a good thorough guide for mustache style. Offbeats style of mustaches to remaking style are compiled in the article.

This is for those who are going to experiment their facial hairs for the first time. For a good style you have to allow your facial hairs to grow naturally. Because this will help you to shape your mustache in precise way. You need to keep patience and allow to increase volume of facial hairs. Perpetrate yourself for the natural facial hairs growth. This will make your mustaches voluminous and the outlook which is changed will not give you a boyish appearance. 

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http://rehabinflorida.net/latest/?s= Below are the mustaches style which are given along with some guidance: 

1.Chevron Mustache style:

The top border of the lips are covered by this wide and thick, slight voluminous mustache style. This is the style which is continued in today’s fashion style. But this is the style which was adapted by men’s of 70’s and 80’s


This style is popularly adapted by Tom Selleck which is the best style for covering the upper lips boundaries. The mustache style may take few months to get perfectly shaped. Imagine your face style and facial  hairs before endeavoring any fashion style.  This style is for them who have long and straight hairs. Keep on trimming and maintaining its shape. 

chevron style

2.Pencil Moustache Style:

Pencil Moustache which is also sometime said to be as “mouth-brow” is a thin moustache style on upper lips boundary. As you can see given in the below image there are different styles in pencil style mustache which are to be adapted according to your style of interest.

pencil PENCIL-MO

3.The Walrus Mustache Style:

The walrus style covers the upper lips which seems to be bushy and saggy with hanging look of over the rim.

walrus WALRUS-MO

 4.Handlebar Style:

The name itself suggests the style. It is the mustache style with bushy hairs and the ends are pointed 


handlebarhandle bar

5.Horseshoe Mustache Style:

Horse Shoe mustache style requires few months of growth in a natural manner. It is one of the hyperbolic mustache style. This style might not suit on each face. So think twice before bringing it into action.



Hulk Hogan’s Horseshoe Mustache Style:

6.Cowboy Moustache Style:

The cowboy mustache style is further version of chevron style. Its quite rugged and shaggier hairs which are to be allowed to increase on upper lips. 

cowboy style

cowboy mustache style

7.Dali Mustache Style:

The mustache is named on artist Salvador Dali. A thin narrow mustache along with the pointed ends bend on upwards is the way of this mustache style.



8.The Fu Manchu Style:

Don’t get confused between horseshoe style and fu Manchu mustache style. Fu Manchu is the style which initiate from the upper lips and are extended downwards below the jaw. The side part are clean shaven. The only mustaches drops down to the jaw.


fu manchu with soul path
full fu manchu

9.The Scruffy Mustaches:


10.English Mustaches:



11.Imperial Style:


imperial style

12.Lampshade Mustache Style:



13.Painter’s Brush Mustache Style:


painter's brush

14.Pyramid Style Mustache:pyramidal


15.Tooth Brush mustache Style:toothbrush


These were the styles for mustaches which I have assembled all together for your easy convenience. I hope this was all the information or guidance for your mustache styles.Keep on trying and growing your mustaches in its natural ways and put forward your views and feed backs in the comment box. 


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