Improving Ctr In Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Some of the good practices you can carry out to increase the CTR in your email marketing campaigns to boost seo are the following:

Improve The Subject Of Emails

This is the first opportunity you have to attract user attention; If it is not attractive, your contacts will be less likely to open the email and, therefore, fewer people will click on your links. One of the best ways to make a functional subject line is to give it a length that allows you to read the message on all devices.

Make Use Of Responsive Design

A poor format or design is one of the first reasons why a user not only stops reading a message but also deletes it ( at least it represents 85% of the decrease in potential customers ). The responsive design in your email marketing strategy will allow email to be displayed without problems from any device.

Be Careful With Spelling

This recommendation should already be mandatory in all marketing campaigns. However, there may be details in writing, grammar, or spelling that cause the email to go to spam. Also, an impeccably written message leaves a better image of your brand or company.

One of the things to avoid is to write all the text in capital letters and use exclamations, quotes, or hyphens in excess.

Add A Call To Action

Having a CTA button in the body of the email can increase conversion rates by up to 28%. Whatever the intention of the email, do not forget to add this essential element so that the user can interact with it. This also allows users to know what the next step is to follow after reading the message and interest them.

And if you thought that only the CTR could support you for the monitoring of your email marketing campaigns, we have compiled some more that you can use correctly to detect more details in the actions of the contacts and the success of your messages.

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