How to Split Your PDF Into Independent Small Files?

PDF documents are highly popular among users because they contain a lot of information in one File. However, when a document is too large to be viewed on one computer screen, splitting PDFs into smaller sections can help you read it easily. This article will show you how to split your PDF into separate files using the free PDFCombine tool.

Split a PDF by page ranges or extract all PDF pages to multiple PDF files

By splitting the PDF file by page ranges, you can split your PDF into small independent files in a simple way.

This tutorial will show you how to split a PDF by page ranges or extract all PDF pages into multiple PDF files. For example:

  • You want to split a large file (1000 pages) into smaller ones with 100 pages each.
  • You have created an e-book for your website and now want it distributed as individual PDFs rather than one big File so that people can read them offline on any device they like without an internet connection.
  • Your company has a large document containing confidential information that needs to be sent via email as a series of attachments instead of one giant attachment.

Split specific pages from your PDF file

If you’re only interested in extracting a specific number of pages from your PDF file, then this option is for you.

Go to the “Split Pages” section and click the “Select Pages” button.

A new window will pop up where you should select the pages that you want to extract from the PDF file by clicking on them.

Adobe Acrobat experts say, “Splitter tool allows you to separate PDF pages into multiple files quickly.”

Select the “Extract Pages as Separate Files” option

  • Click “Extract Pages as Separate Files.”
  • Specify a name and location for your new document by typing it into the field below “File Name” on top of the screen, or click Browse… to search for it using your computer’s file manager.
  • Select which pages you want to extract from the PDF in order until all parts of your original document have been split into their own files—this may take some time if there are many pages in total!

Specify the file name and save your new document.

Once you’ve selected and clicked Save, Acrobat will automatically save the new document to the same folder (or a different one) as your original PDF.

If you want to specify your own name for the File, click Edit > Document Properties.

Navigate to File Naming in the left pane of Document Properties and expand it by clicking on its submenu. Here you can enter a title, choose whether you want Acrobat to add a version number (e.g., 1) automatically, select a format (PDF/A-1b), assign keywords, and more.

When you’ve finished splitting your PDF, the resulting files can be saved in a directory on your computer. Alternatively, they can also be saved to an external drive or even uploaded to Google Drive so that you have access wherever you go.

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