How to Choose a Business Laptop Suitable for You According to Specs

With the development of the times, laptops have become an essential part of people’s daily life. Laptops can be divided into business laptops and game laptops. It is according to the difference of usage scenarios. The business laptop is mainly to meet people’s office needs. There is a huge demand in the crowd. How to choose the most suitable business laptop from a wide variety of laptops?

In modern society, people have different jobs and different needs for computers. When choosing a business notebook computer suitable for you, you must decide according to your own usage scenario. People who travel frequently should choose laptops with high-capacity batteries. If it is to meet the needs of office work, the performance of computers in other aspects are important.

So how do you know that laptops are suitable for you? This requires learning to look at the parameters of laptops. The parameters of the laptop on the official website determine whether it can meet your needs.

For example, the HONOR MagicBook Pro specs is:

Package size: 369*234*16. 9 mm

Weight: 1.7 KG

Battery capacity: 56Wah

Memory size: 16 GB

Storage space: 512 GB

CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 4600H with AMD Radeon Graphics

According to the above parameters, we can judge that HONOR MagicBook Pro is a high-performance laptop. It is suitable for business personnel and business trips.

First of all, the HONOR MagicBook Pro has a battery capacity of 56Wah. It can be used for up to 11 hours without charging. HONOR MagicBook Pro supports 65W fast charging. For business people who need to travel, it can maintain high endurance.

HONOR MagicBook Pro is only 369*234*46.9 mm in size. It is convenient to put in the backpack. Its weight is only 1.7 KG, which is very convenient no matter where it is carried. If you put it on your legs, you won’t feel too heavy. For business personnel, it is convenient.

16 GB of running memory allows HONOR MagicBook Pro to run most software. As the core of a computer, CPU is the most important part. AMD is one of the most worthwhile CPUs on the market. And AMD has special optimization for Adobe series software. It will run more smoothly.

These parameters are common when purchasing laptops. Such as weight, size, battery, CPU and memory. Generally speaking, according to the above parameters, you can find a suitable laptop. However, in addition to the above parameters, there are also some unusual parameters that can be referred to. For example, the heat dissipation function of laptops. Although some computers have powerful performance, they cannot give full play to their performance due to the limitation of heat dissipation function. There are some computers that have much heat dissipation sound, which will bring troubles to others around them. You can pay attention to the introduction of the official website when purchasing.

Of course, in addition to these, there are screen parameters, small function design and other parameters to consider. Under normal circumstances, the gap between ordinary laptops in this respect is not big. There is no need to pay special attention to it.

These are the parameters that should be paid attention to when purchasing. I believe that after learning these, you will be able to choose a laptop suitable for you.

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