How To Apply Popular Fimo Canes Slices Without Hurting Natural Nails

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Now a day every girl have heard the name of the Fimo Canes Slices Nail Arts Designs. But don’t know the how to apply this latest nail art designs on her short and long nails.So here this article give you all information about where to buy dapoxetine in london How TO Apply Latest Popular Fimo Canes Slices Nail Arts Designs. So here I Explain the step by step method of how to apply Fimo canes slice nails art designs on your Nail.

Fimo Canes Slices Nail Arts Designs

Tastylia without prescription What Is The Fimo Clay Canes Slice Nail Art???

Fimo Canes slices nail arts are an entertainment nail art and uncomplicated nail art designs. Fimo canes slice nail arts provide an unlimited probability and give the unique ideas for the amazing nail art designs. Fimo is like the refrigerator cookie dough in a tube.First, you have to cut this Fimo canes into the small thin slices then put this thin slices on your nails.

 Different Types Of  Fimo Canes Slices.

There are many images fimo canes are available in the market for your long nail art designs. Here I list the various types of Fimo canes slice that can girls mostly like to put in her nail arts.

(1) Flower Fimo Clay Canes Slices.

Flower fimo canes Picture

                 Flower Fimo canes picture


(2) Fruits Fimo Canes slices.

 fimo clay image

Mixed fruits design nail art Fimo clay image

 (3) Butterfly Fimo Canes Slices.

Fimo polymer clay photo

Butterfly Newest polymer clay nail tips nail art stickers Photo

(4) Animals Fimo Canes Slices. 

 Fimo Canes Pic

         3D Design Nail Art Fimo Canes Animal pic

(5) Star Shape Fimo Canes Slices.

Fimo cane clay pic

  pink stars miniature cane clay sticks nail art pic

(6) Heart Shape Fimo Cane Slices.

 fimo cane slices picture

             Heart Fimo cane slices picture

(7) Smile Face Fimo Canes Slices.

Fimo Canes Slices image

          Smile Face Fimo Canes Slices image

How To Apply The Fimo Clay Canes Slices Nail Art

Apply Fimo Clay Canes is simple and a huge way to create enjoyment nail art design. The Fimo are mostly in the cane shape first of all cut the Fimo cane into small round size shape. You cut them about your requirement if you need thick Fimo then cut it into thick size. 

The Fimo are made from the Polymer Clay. Polymer clay is the good strength and capacity to don’t change its shape. Polymer clay is also known as a Fimo nail arts.

fimo canes image

Beautiful Fimo nail art image

Fimo polymer clay is always in cane shape to cut the Fimo cane into different size this process is very time consuming and complicate. In Fimo nail arts this one process is challenging for you. Otherwise, this Fimo nail art method is very simple and funny.  

Apply the Fimo on your long nails are very easy. First just select your Fimo Slices just put it’s on your nails by using the Tweezers. First, you apply the base coat nail polish on your nails then put Fimo on your nail by using the tweezers you can put Fimo at anywhere on your nails. You can also repeat the Fimo shape in your nail art. after that finally you can coat your nail with transparent nail polish.

Now Let’s show you step by step images of How TO Apply Latest Popular Fimo Clay Canes Slices Nail Arts Designs.

1 Normal Nails With Square Shape Designs Image.

Fimo Clay Image

    1 Normal Nails with square shape designs image

In first of, please manicure your all finger nails then after shaping your nails properly by using the different nail filer. Here I give the square shape to nails because in this shape nails size is look broad then you can put the many Fimo canes slice at different places on your nails.

2 Building Nail Fimo Nail Art Photo.

Fimo Canes photo

       2 Building Nail_Fimo Canes nail art photo

Here in the second step, you can paint your nails with any color nail polish First give the base coat to your nails. It provides the long life to your nail the nail the nails are can’t easily break. Here in this nail art I use the glitter nail polish and make the pink color nail polish ombre. 

3. Placing Fimo Cane Slices Nail Art Designs Picture.

Fimo Canes Image 3 Placing Slice_Fimo Canes nail art design picture

In the third step, you can put your different Fimo cane slices shape on your nails. You can set the Fimo cane slice on your nail by using the Tweezers. One by one pluck Fimo cane slice and put on the fingernails. 

4 Encasing Fimo Canes Nail Art Designs Image.

Fimo Canes Photo                             4 Encasing_Fimo Canes nail arts designs image

After placing the Fimo cane slices on your nails, please set the proper place of cane slices at different places on the nail. You can place it’s any were then after giving some border to the nails and Fimo cane slices. 

5 Finish Gel Fimo Canes Slices Nail Art Designs Pic.

5 Finish Gel_Fimo Canes                               5 Finish Gel_Fimo Canes Nail art designs pic

And at the last step apply the transparent finishing gel on your nails. This finishing gel gives a dashing look to your nails. Your nails very look different after applying the finishing gel.  

6 Final Image Of  Fimo Canes Slices Nil Arts Designs Picture.

6 Opener_Fimo Canes1

If you are searching for the Fimo nail art and not know How TO Apply Latest Popular Fimo Canes Slices Nail Arts Designs on your beautiful long nails then, this post is help for this Fimo cane slices nail art designs.This type nail art is very famous and popular for the summer seasons. 





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