High-Performance Charts for Scientific & Financial Apps

Javascript charts are needed for all types of apps including business, financial, medical and scientific uses. In addition to the right features, a 2D and 3D model will help you immensely. Some of the most important Javascript features include line charts, digital band charts, area and mountain charts, heatmaps, spectrograms, fan charts, column and surface mesh charts. Let’s take a closer look at the features and how they can be used across a multitude of industries.

The Amazing Features

When you need to plot millions of data points, you need a reliable and consistent service. You need a platform that will allow you to not only plot but zoom, update and pan interactively. You need a proprietary system that understands how to effectively use and interpret data. Whether you are using this type of javascript chart for medical research or in financial exchange, the right tools are a must. 

Interactive Charts: Each chart comes with unique features such as mouse wheel zoom, drag axis to zoom, drag-to-zoom and more. Each interactive chart allows for custom actions such as gestures and mouse clicks. You can even create custom panning, zooming and a variety of other user interactions.

Chart Animations: Animations make it easier to interpret charts. This is why the best platforms use chart animation. Browser applications and dashboards are elevated with this feature. You can easily morph and animate your data. This allows you to use fill and line colour, different line thicknesses and more customizable options. 

Tooltips& Cursors: This feature allows crosshairs, cursors and tooltips to be used on charts. This also includes Rollovers and Legends. This type of chart is tailored to your application and will fit a variety of uses.

Markers & Annotations: If you need powerful API annotations, this feature is for you. You can easily overlay texts, boxes, lines, watermarks and shapes on top of the chart you create. If you need customization, this is possible with annotations. You can also display points of interest.

Theming & Style: If you want to add extra style to your charts, you can use the theming and style feature. This allows you to select from dark and light themes. 

Using the Best Platform for Charts 

If you need the best chart platform for your industry, the widest selection is here. Extensive features are key to success with line charts. SciChart is the better software for providing Javascript charts and Javascript line charts.

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