Famous Hamsa Hand Tattoo Designs And Meaning For Women

Have you ever heard the word of Hamsa Tattoos??? I definitely know that you never heard about this Hamsa Hand Tattoo Designs. The hamsa tattoo designs is an ancient symbol of an eye which is created on a hand and it represents protection against the evil eye. Below I explain the hamsa tattoo meaning. 
hamsa hand tattoo

Colorful hamsa tattoo designs on rib

What is the meaning of the Hamsa tattoo?

Hamsa Tattoo is a beautiful symbol design that represents the traditional and cultural values. It illustrates the hand with an eye and other different symbols in the palm. In the Hebrew and Arabic languages, Hamsa means Five.

What is the meaning of Fatima’s hand?

In Arabic, it’s called hamsa hand and hamesh hand in Hebrew. In the Muslim culture, this hamsa symbol is also known as a hand of Fatima tattoo. Fatima was a very energetic woman and she is a daughter of the prophet Muhammad. 
hamsa hand tattoo

hamsa hand tattoo hamsa hand tattoo

What is the Hamsa hand?

Hamsa Tattoos Designs is the hand of the god symbol and its stand for the owner , health, success, luck,  harmony, protection from the bad things, fortune and an evil eye. This one is the very protective and positive sign for all faith.

 Famous Hamsa Hand Tattoo Designs

Hamsa Tattoos On Wrist

Below I present the two different image of the hamsa tattoo on wrist. In the palm I drawing the evil eye and also different flower, leaf and vine designs. This tenuous design gives the very beautiful look to your hand. This hamsa tattoo will contain the Hamsa symbol with a flower in the middle of the palm.

hamsa hand tattoo

Attractive Hamsa Tattoo Design For Wrist


hamsa tattoo

Cute hamsa tattoo designs on wrist

Hamsa Hand Tattoo On back

This one is the hamsa tattoo on back. In the first image, I create the amazing hamsa hand tattoo by using the black ink and in the second image you can see I made the hamsa tattoo with Dreamcatcher Tattoo Designs that full cover your back.

fatimas hand

Hamsa tattoo designs on back


hand of fatima tattoo

Hamsa tattoo designs with dreamcatcher

Hamsa Tattoos On  arm

Now let’s see the amazing tattoo on arm. You can see in the first image I made the simple hamsa hand tattoo by using the black solid ink. In the second image, I create this tattoo designs by using the different colorful color. I also drawing the different Zodiac Signs Tattoo Designs on each finger and palm.

hand of hamsa

Hamsa tattoo designs on arm


hand of fatima tattoo

Hamsa tattoo designs on hand

Fatimas Hand Tattoo behind the ear

Mostly girls like the small tattoo designs behind the ear. So here I made the hamsa tattoo behind the ear. In first fatimas hand tattoo I use the black color ink and in the second I use the purple and black color ink. 

hamsa hand tattoo

Hamsa tattoo designs behind the ear


small hamsa tattoo

Small Hamsa tattoos designs

Hand Of Hamsa On Finger

This one is the cute tiny hamsa tattoo on the finger. In the first image, I draw the hand of hamsa tattoo on the thumb and In the second image on the middle finger. This Hamsa tattoo contains the basic Hamsa symbol of an evil eye also contain the beautiful vines, flowers, and flying birds. 

HamsaTattoo Designs on finger

HamsaTattoo Designs on finger


hamsa hand tattoo

Hamsa tattoo designs on finger


fatima hand tattoo

Popular Hamsa Tattoo Designs For Women

Hamsa Tattoos On rib

This hamsa tattoo on rib gives you very cool and sexy look. So here I present the two different images of the hamsa hand tattoo on rib for girls. The first hamsa hand tattoo designs have a heart at the center that symbolizes the different meaning.

Hamsa hand tattoo

Hamsa hand tattoo on ribs


hand of hamsa

Hamsa tattoo designs on rib

The Hand of Fatima Tattoo Meaning 

The Hand of Fatima Tattoo also known as a Khamsa tattoo. it shows the protection against jealousy, evil power, and thoughts. the hand of Fatima tattoo is dedicated to the daughter of the prophet Mr. Mahommed.

Fatima Hand Tattoo Image

Hamsa Tattoos On Foot

This one is the last categories of the hamsa hand tattoo. I create the hamsa tattoo 0n foot.This one has the vines designs that make the tattoo designs more beautiful and better. 

hand of fatima tattoo

hamsa hand tattoo designs on foot


hamsa hand tattoo

Hamsa tattoo designs on foot


Hamsa tattoo designs

Hamsa tattoo designs on foot

I hope you like this amazing Hamsa tattoos that are created in the various body part. If you like this Fatima’s Hand, hamsa hand tattoo then please share this latest hand of Fatima tattoo with your friends and family.

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