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Thanks for taking an interest in our site. Here in this blog, our team is dedicated to fashion & latest trending style, and we are writing tutorials, beauty tips and also we are providing beauty care.How to live life naturally and also to care eye, skin, hairstyle tips, nail art design, mehndi design, and fashion & style for men & women. We are manuscripts about beard and moustache style, and our writer is also fashion designer always trying to provide genuine and accurate beauty and fashion tips.

We have peoples behind this blog who are excellent and passionate about blogging related fashion, latest style, trends, and Daily Domestic beauty care & tips. We have team member behind this blog.


Hello!!! This is Khushboo Bobade here, one of the team member of styleonweb.net. The one who is interested in making fashion world more attractive to men. I feel that why are we following the fashion trends??? Simple as that, to impress others; isn’t it?? and the other point can be you are passionate about something. Women are much interested in men having beards and moustache style. As I am a girl, I have exposed the post on viewpoint through girls. 

So my posts are at this moment to inspire men for loving and trying the best beards and moustaches style. I am sure after going on through the posts you will be inspired by some unique and informative styles in today’s fashion world. I have tried to bring the best and latest styles so you can adorn without bewilderment. 

For the right style, you need a perfect guidance because once you have made the wrong style you are unable to bring or make the right one back for few days. So I have tried to make a perfect post for you which you can make thumb rule, as I have put on and brought a finest style which suits your face and personality. 



Hello, friends…Myself Juhi Rami I am also the team member of styleonweb.net. I have completed a bachelor of degree in the Computer Engineering. When I was small, my dream is to become a good professor but now a day I have started blogging on the nail art designs. In the starting phase, I am so confused how to write the article on this but now it’s become my passion, and I change my career goals now I just love to do only blogging.   

Mostly girls are very flirtatious for the nail art designs, and I also like to create the amazing nail art designs on my finger nails it’s my hobby to make the stylish and beautiful nails art. So here you can see the different and latest types of nail art designs.  

I hope you all are like my nail art designs collection and also you can try this designs on your nails at home, and you can share this latest ideas and collection with your colleagues.



Hello, guys.Myself Hiral Patel, one of the creative team members of styleonweb.net.I, believe in fashion and also believe in spreading in my talent.Nowadays I am writing blogs on hairstyle on interesting, and original hairstyle for men and women for long and short hair.My personnel tried on the hairstyle on my hair and post which hairstyle will look good on different faces.

So my post will show you all innovative and creativity shown in each and every hairstyle that you can try and will work good and will impress the guys all around you.I always stay updated with the latest trend going around, and I take the time to post the latest coming hairstyle on my post. 

During my post I always suggest for comments as through your comments I get to know whether you like my post, or you want to learn new hairstyle step by step from me.I hope you like my hairstyle and different kinds of ideas I have represented step by step before you.


We are a passionate and enthusiastic team working with our heart for this blog. We are welcoming you if you have any better ideas & suggestion. 

If you want to contact us you can send an e-mail at akash.sky1000@gmail.com