Defining Your Business’ Reach: Who Is Your Target Audience?

First of all, what is the target audience? The target, or target audience, is a specific group of people that you think would be interested in your product or service for some reason. It seems trivial; however, defining your business’s target audience will not always be a simple task. By wrongly segmenting your audience, you bring problems to your business, as a poorly placed product on the market (for example, if it is intended for young women when in reality it would be more popular among teenagers) is liable to sell little.

Throughout the article on promo republic, we will explore some points where it will be essential to define your business’s scope correctly. Understood, but how do I determine my target?

To determine which group of people will buy what you offer, you need to think through a series of questions.

First, you must put light on the properties of your business and product. What are your most important features? What is it for? Does my product need any complimentary items, or can it be used alone? Is it durable, or does it need to be constantly renewed? Does it require particular knowledge, or is it easily accessible to everyone?

With these answers, you will form a profile of people who would use your product or service. Soon, you’ll be ready to start questioning your purpose more deeply, detailing your audience more and more.

Who Would Pay For My Product/Service?

It is one thing to say “I would use a tablet” and quite another to say “I would pay to have and use a tablet.” What changes between them? Everything, since on the one hand, we have a person’s actual or superficial need, and on the other hand, there is their purchasing power. Defining the target audience is a meticulous task; it is necessary to be precise. If you fully understand your product (by having answered the above questions), you may be able to see the people who would pay for it.

For example, in the tablet case, a potential group of consumers can be made up of those who constantly use public transport and would therefore find it challenging to carry a laptop everywhere. The key here is to show the correct person why they need to buy your product and how that would make their life easier. Check  for more information on this.

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