Cloud hosting is getting popular day by day and the only reason behind this is the growth of companies who need storage to place their data by using cloud hosting servers.

That’s why the companies are in a competitive mode to provide large data space. Few companies are providing awesome features and good quality services.


Cloud hosting is a type of hosting which provides the applications and website through cloud resources or in other words we can say that cloud hosting is something that allows your site to move from one server to another server.

In this, the website is interconnected with different servers over a large geographical area.

Cloud hosting is of two types of public cloud and private cloud.

  1. Public cloud hosting: – it is a type of cloud hosting which is similar to shared hosting sharing one server but in cloud hosting, we are sharing so many servers at a time.
  2. Private cloud hosting: – private cloud hosting is like dedicated hosting but here you are not dependent on one server if you will face any problem your site will move to another server.


Good pricing structure

In other types of hosting you have to pay monthly but here you have to pay what you use for. If your site is getting large traffic you don’t have to upgrade your package you just have to scale up your resources when the traffic is more and down the scale when the traffic is normal.

Scaling the resources is very easy

In cloud hosting, you can scale your resources without taking the approval of your hosting provider.

Great uptime and availability

Using hosting services other than cloud hosting can reduce your uptime and can reduce your downtime because it totally depends upon the hardware server as soon as the physical server goes offline your site will also go offline. Cloud hosting provides you best uptime because it is using resources from multiple servers.

Good performance and faster speed of the website

As cloud hosting is using multiple servers it can give you a very good speed because it is not taking load from one single server.

Server environment

Most of the hosting your site will live on a single server but here your site will move from one server to another server. If your site is getting a problem with one server then within seconds your site will jump to another server.

Best Cloud Host in India: HostingRaja

HostingRaja is the most trusted hosting company in India. It has a plan for shared, VPS,  dedicated, WordPress hosting, and cloud hosting.

But today we are here to talk about cloud hosting so let’s have a look at their plan of cloud hosting.

  1. You can create your own custom cloud
  2. You will get the facility of auto horizontal and auto vertical scaling.
  3. Providing you with the facility of backup.
  4. Providing you with the hourly billing option.
  5. Providing you with the advantage of the load balancer.


If you will ask why you should choose cloud hosting then the answer will be very simple and that is because you don’t want downtime.

Cloud hosting provides you with the best features among all the other hosting services. It is costlier than other hosting but at the same time cheaper than managed web hosting.

Cloud hosting is beneficial for those who are getting large traffic on their site and their site is growing day by day.

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