Bad SEOs – Are They Better Than Good SEO?

Every day we hear a lot about Bad SEO. What actually is Bad SEO?

There are SEO services over the internet who offers nothing good. They are called bad SEOs. Confused?

Let me make it a little simple. Some SEO companies offer worthless SEO services. When I say worthless, I mean they either do not offer any services or they do a lot of work on websites which is good for nothing.
The fraud companies that aim only your money comes in the first category. They only aim the money from the website owners.

The second category consists of all the inexperienced and beginner SEO companies who do not know how exactly to make search engine optimization happen. These people unluckily do lots of work but actually end up nowhere. This happens mainly due to lack of knowledge or inexperience.

On the contrary, a good SEO will work on the right strategies and produce good results for the website. Good SEO is also called ethical SEO as they do not breach the ethics of fair business. They will not try to increase rankings by submitting automated links to websites or by de-indexing good sites.

So, which one do you think is good for your website, the good or the bad SEO?

Any logical person would say good SEO!

If you are trying to hire SEO for your website, make sure you get companies who utilize ethical practices only. If you become a client of a company providing bad or unethical SEO services you are surely going to end up in deep trouble in the long run. Bad SEO may get you indexed and ranked high very quickly, but they will not stay forever. The search engines will surely find out the unhealthy methods you have used sooner or later and penalize your website for it.

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