27 Best Small And Tiny Cool Sankofa Tattoos

watch People are very crazy for making the latest new fashion trend Tattoos on the different part of the body.

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uk Quetiapine generic Here, you can see the Small Cool Sankofa Tattoos.These Tattoo designs are very popular in latest trend fashion.

Sankofa word is the Twi language word that means ” Go Back And Get It”. San- to return, Ko- to go, Fa- to fetch, to seek and take. This symbol is represented by a bird with its head turned backward taking an egg off its back, or as a stylish heart shape.

Sankofa bird tattoos image

In above image, you can see the Sankofa bird its head turned back for taking eggs. I drawing this Sankofa bird tattoos designs on the different part of the body.

Sankofa bird

This pic is Sankofa heart tattoos its very small design that’s why you can easily apply on your small body part like the finger, on hand, the back side of the neck, leg, back side of ear etc.

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Cool Sankofa Tattoos Images

Below, I present the different images of Cool Small Sankofa Tattoos. You can see this and apply this tattoos on your body that gives you very stylish look. You can apply this small tattoos on arm, waist, ankle, shin, calf(leg), hand, finger, neck, stomach etc. The back neck tattoos give you very sexy and cool look. 


















sankofa heart tattoo


sankofa tattoo pictures


sankofa bird tattoo meaning


african sankofa tattoos


sankofa tribal tattoo


sankofa tattoo pictures




sankofa tattoo symbols


sankofa symbol tattoo meaning


sankofa bird tattoos


sankofa tattoo designs




sankofa tattoo symbols




sankofa tattoos iamge


sankofa bird tattoo photo


Sankofa Tattoos photo

If you like this amazing African Sankofa Bird Tattoo then please apply this tattoos designs on your body part and also share this Sankofa tattoo idea with your lovely friends and companion. I hope you enjoy this article and get the latest fashion trend tattoos designs.

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